About me

I've been providing e-learning, instructional technology, and web design & development expertise within higher education and health care institutions for over 18 years. I currently lead the Instructional Design team within the IT Project Management office at Denver Health in Denver, CO. I manage a variety of training projects and requests, as well as design and develop instructional content and training modules for online delivery to all Denver Health employees.

I'm also currently a graduate student in the Emergent Digital Practices program (MA) at the University of Denver, where I continue to explore the intersection of art and technology. My creative work includes the development and programming of interactive electronic artworks, and experimenting with creative coding tools such as Processing, Max, and openFrameworks. Additionally, I play keyboards and drums, and occasionally compose original music.

You can reach me via email - rich(at)rich-path.com - or connect with me via LinkedIn .

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A brief summary of my work experience and interests.

  • Design and development of courses and training modules, particularly online and blended modes.
  • Media and digital content production, primarily for use in online instruction – videos, audio, graphics, data visualizations and custom interactive activites.
  • Providing instructors and subject matter experts with instructional design guidance and technology expertise to improve learning outcomes.
  • Website design and front-end development, with an emphasis on sites and content created for hybrid/blended and fully-online courses and training programs.
  • Website usability testing and accessibility evaluation.
  • Designing and delivering technical presentations and training for non-technical users.
  • An eagerness and agility for learning new applications, tools and coding languages.
  • Exceptional interpersonal, communication and collaboration skills.
  • A passion for exploring the application of technology in creative artistic expression (e.g. creative coding) and design approaches that promote effective and engaging human-computer interaction.

Technical Skills

Tools that I currently use or have worked with, organized by level of experience.

Advanced (extensive use)

Adobe Creative Cloud - Dreamweaver, Fireworks, Premiere, Audition, Photoshop, Adobe Captivate & Connect, Articulate Storyline; Camtasia Studio; HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, Bootstrap, D3.js, C3.js, p5.js; H5P framework; Processing; Microsoft Office; Wonda VR; Canvas and Brightspace/Desire2Learn learning management systems

Intermediate (moderate use)

AngularJS, JSON, XML, PHP, MySQL; Drupal; WordPress; Adobe AfterEffects, Animate (incl. Flash & ActionScript 3); Illustrator, InDesign, ColdFusion; Articulate Studio 13; Final Cut Pro; FileMaker Pro; Moodle and Blackboard learning management systems; Arduino programming; openFrameworks

Basic (have worked a bit with)

NodeJS, VueJS, Git, Python, PhoneGap, SCORM standards

Work Experience

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Denver Health - Denver, CO

  Lead Instructional Designer   (May 2019 - Present)

University of Denver, CO

  Instructional Multimedia Developer   (Oct 2015 - May 2019)

I collaborated with faculty and staff to design and create multimedia content for instructional use and research support.

  • Produced online content such as videos, audio, case scenarios, simulations, animations, graphics, data visualizations and custom interactive learning objects.
  • Provided training and guidance on the use of existing media materials and resources.
  • Presented workshops on instructional technology and media development tools.
  • Managed content production projects from needs assessment and prototyping to final implementation.

Beyond Campus Innovations - Greenwood Village, CO

  Multimedia Developer (contractual)   (Aug 2017 - Aug 2018)

Developed and revised online courses for BCI clients on a contractual project basis.

  • Produced interactive learning activities, graphics and multimedia objects used in online instruction.
  • Performed quality assurance reviews of courses and content before final implementation.

Academic Technology, University of Wisconsin – Madison

  Senior Instructional Design/Educational Technology Specialist   (Oct 2013 - Oct 2015)

As part of the Online Course Production team, I collaborated closely with faculty, instructors and subject matter experts to create effective and engaging online and blended versions of courses and training programs.

  • Designed and developed instructional websites using current front-end web technologies and learning management systems including Desire2Learn and Moodle.
  • Produced interactive learning activities, video, audio, graphics and assessments for online courses, including massive open online courses (MOOCs) offered to students worldwide via Coursera.
  • Provided guidance to implement instructional design best practices during course development. Particular emphasis was placed on the backward design method.
  • Managed projects through all stages to ensure completion within timelines and budgets.
  • Ensured quality and accessibility of course websites and content using Quality Matters standards.
  • Evaluated technologies, tools and approaches to use for effective online instruction.
  • Presented sessions and workshops to campus–wide audiences and project stakeholders regarding the online course development process and other academic technology-related topics.

Institute for Clinical and Translational Research
School of Medicine and Public Health, University of Wisconsin - Madison

  Instructional Technology Specialist   (Aug 2008 - Oct 2013)

In my role at ICTR, I helped the institute accomplish a variety of educational and management goals:

Online and distance education program expansion
  • Ensured the successful transition of classroom-based workshops and graduate program courses to blended and online delivery. Provided faculty and staff training, technical assistance and instructional design guidance to accomplish this transformation.
  • Developed course websites, training programs, and content for online delivery, including video and interactive learning objects.
  • Coordinated and managed the presentation of live courses and workshops via web and video conferencing.
Website development
  • Assisted with the development and maintenance of ICTR-related Drupal-based websites, including a major redesign initiative of the main institute web portal.
  • Designed and conducted usability testing for ICTR-related websites.
  • Collaborated with other web designers and developers as part of the institute's web management team.
Database and administrative management system implementation
  • Developed, implemented and managed database solutions to record Institute-related services provided to clients and track the progress of students in the institute’s educational programs.
  • Provided presentations on database functionality and user training sessions to institute staff, directors, managers, and external advisory committee members.

Edgewood College - Madison, WI

  Academic Technology Specialist   (Apr 2002 - Aug 2008)

I was the primary resource for providing academic technology expertise at this small private liberal arts college. I helped faculty and staff improve their proficiency with using software applications, online tools and classroom technology.

  • Consulted with faculty to identify and implement methods for improving instruction using classroom technology and online tools.
  • Developed and presented training workshops and materials for faculty, staff and students on a variety of technology topics, including web design, learning management systems, video editing, digital image production, podcast creation, Microsoft Office applications, and campus-specific systems.
  • Assisted faculty and staff with the development of custom online instructional content and websites.
  • Organized campus technology seminars and guest presenters.
  • Managed the campus media development and technology training center, technology training budgets, and the campus Blackboard learning management system and server.
  • Researched, evaluated and implemented new technologies to address campus needs.
  • Served on campus hiring and technology advisory committees.

University of Wisconsin Colleges: Rock County campus - Janesville, WI

  Instructional Technology Specialist   (Dec 1999 – Apr 2002)

I supported both distance education and classroom technology initiatives at this 2-year college campus:

  • Provided training and technical support to faculty teaching online and via video conferencing.
  • Provided administrative & technical support to students enrolled in distance education courses.
  • Presented training sessions to faculty and staff on various technology topics, including learning management systems (e.g. Blackboard), video production, and web design & development.
  • Developed online and print tutorials for campus applications and software.
  • Assessed, researched and implemented technology solutions to meet faculty, staff and student needs.
  • Assisted with the design and maintenance of the main college and campus library web sites.
  • Taught web development courses in the college's Continuing Education program.
  • Hired, trained and supervised student Information Technology interns.
  • Served on campus technology committees.

Madison Metropolitan School District - Madison, WI

  Technology Specialist / Microcomputing Technician   (Apr 1995 – Dec 1998)

I worked with middle school students and teachers to incorporate media production and media literacy into everyday classroom curriculum.

  • Taught video production techniques to students and staff, and directed student production projects.
  • Assisted staff to incorporate video technology, software and online resources into their curriculum.
  • Managed equipment and media budgets.
  • Evaluated and purchased new A/V equipment and supplies.
  • Performed routine installation, maintenance, troubleshooting and repair of computer equipment.


University of Denver

MA, Emergent Digital Practices currently pursuing

EDP program website.

University of Wisconsin - Stout

E-learning and Online Teaching Graduate Certificate coursework 2009

Completed graduate-level coursework in instructional design for e-learning.

University of Wisconsin - Madison

BS, InterArts and Technology program 1994

InterArts and Technology was a multi-disciplinary new media design program within the UW Madison School of Education. Coursework included video production, music and audio production, computer animation and graphics, and computer interaction systems.