Passports to Success

Assuring Positive Educational Experiences
For Children in Out-of-home Care

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The main navigation bar below the blue banner of each page displays the nine sections that this training is divided into: an introduction, seven individual modules, and a conclusion. The current section that you are viewing will be highlighted. You can click on any of the section titles to immediately jump to that section. Hover your cursor here to highlight the location of the main navigation bar.

When viewing this site on a mobile device or in a smaller window, the navigation bar will become hidden and replaced with a square menu icon. Simply click on that icon to reveal the module navigation choices.

To move to the previous or the next page in the training, use the arrows at the sides of the page header, or the Back and Next buttons at the bottom of each page.

The row of numbers at the bottom middle of each page shows the total number of pages in the current section. The number for the currently displayed page is highlighted in the row - for example, you are currently viewing page 2 out of 3 total pages in the Introduction section.

The Glossary link at the bottom of each page will display the complete glossary of terms used throughout the training.

The Site link at the bottom of each page displays a complete list of pages for the site, so that you can easily jump to a specific individual page within a module or section.

When you see the small square and arrow icon next to a link, this indicates that the link is to an external site separate from the training. It will open in a new window or tab - you may need to disable the pop-up blocker for this site in your browser to allow these links to work properly.

You will also see some words or phrases on pages that are italicized, blue and underlined. You can hover your cursor over those words/phrases to view their definitions. Try it here.

Additional instructions for viewing videos, listening to audio segments, and using other features and tools within the site will be provided to you on the individual pages featuring that content.

A note about browser requirements

It is recommended that you view this site using a current version of an HTML5-compatible browser. In most major modern browsers such as Safari, Firefox or Chrome, the site should display and function properly. For Internet Explorer users, IE 9 or later is required. This site should also function properly in up-to-date browsers on mobile devices and tablets.


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