Passports to Success

Assuring Positive Educational Experiences
For Children in Out-of-home Care

Module 5: Behavior Management

In this module, you will receive basic introductory information regarding the following questions:

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How can trauma affect a child’s behavior?
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How can my behavior affect the behavior of a traumatized child?
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What are some strategies to support positive adaptive behavior in students impacted by trauma?
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Where can I learn more about trauma-based behavior and how to implement trauma-sensitive behavior management practices in my school system?

“Traumatized children’s behavior can be perplexing.  Prompted by internal states not fully understood by the children themselves and unobservable by teachers, traumatized children can be ambivalent, unpredictable, and demanding.  But it is critical to underscore that traumatized children’s most challenging behavior often originates in immense feelings of vulnerability.”

Helping Traumatized Children Learn, pp. 32, 33


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