Passports to Success

Assuring Positive Educational Experiences
For Children in Out-of-home Care

How this training is organized

This training contains 7 modules, divided into three sections. For each section, you will develop an action plan, reflecting on what you learn and committing to act on your new information.

Section 1: The Children in Out-of-home Care and the Child Welfare Systems


The Children in Out-of-home Care

The first module explains who the children in out-of-home care are and why they are struggling academically and behaviorally.


The Child Welfare and OHC Systems

This module explains who is involved in the decision to place a child in OHC and who supports them during the process.


Communication Between Systems

In this module you will learn requirements and established law for sharing information between the school system and the child welfare system and how sharing information can support student success.

Section 2: Managing Trauma and Instability



This module covers trauma and its effects on a child’s behaviors and ability to learn.


Behavior Management

In this module you will learn and be able to use strategies to support positive adaptive behavior in students impacted by trauma.


Educational Stability

In this module you will learn why educational stability is important and how to minimize the disruption caused by school transfers.

Section 3: Transitioning Out


Transitioning to Adulthood

In this section you will learn about how to support teenagers in OHC as they prepare for life after high school.


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